Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Obstacle

The biopsy I has last week confirmed that there is cancer in me again, or still. Next Tuesday I will have my first treatment. This seems like round three to me, but perhaps it is just an extension of round two. No surgery this time. The drugs are Dioxin and Avastin. The hope is that this will cause the tumor to shrink, and then I'll get healthy enough for my immune system to do the rest. I'll have a treatment every three weeks and a CA125 prior to each treatment to see if it's working.

I will not be going back to work to start off the school year. I really thought I'd only miss part or half of last year, and here it is a whole year later and it's starting all over again just when I thought it was over. I hope I get to back soon. It's breaking my heart, not teaching and having all those kids in my life on a daily basis.

The good news is that I have been feeling better lately. I am no longer sleeping all day, and I have been getting out and doing things with friends and with Casey.

Here's my new do, thanks to Lizette who came to my house to cut and color my hair:


Namaste, Jill


  1. re: "Another Challenge" - You look GREAT Jill. Love the new "doo"! So glad you are feeling better and are getting to enjoy some outings.